Primary Applicators

Label-Aire’s new generation of labeling applicators are designed to make even the toughest labeling applications easy. Our labeling applicators offer easier set-up, troubleshooting, and changeover, faster line speeds, and more reliable operation.

Our complete line of labeling applicators can be equipped to meet your speed, application, and budget requirements. All models are stepper-driven meaning “no wear” parts making it easier on your bottom line. For added versatility, most of our pressure sensitive labelers can be converted to either tamp-blow, wipe-on, or air-blow labeling.

3015-ND Wipe-On Primary Applicator
3111 HS (High Speed) Air-Blow Label Applicator
3111-NV Air-Blow Primary Applicator
3111/14 Electronic Article Surveillance Label Applicator
3114 Dual Action Tamp Label Applicator
3114-NV Tamp-Blow Primary Applicator
3115-NV Wipe-On Primary Applicator
3125 Wipe-On Label Applicator
3135 Wipe-On Label Applicator
3411-Harsh Environment Air-Blow Label Applicator
3155 Wipe-On Label Applicator
3139/15 Wipe-On Label Applicator
3415 Harsh Environment Wipe-On Label Applicator